NFL Alumni Health HUDDLE Heart Screening Events

Hosted by NFL Alumni Arizona Chapter on June 25 and NFL Alumni Chicago Chapter on July 16

On May 24, 2022, NFL Alumni Health hosted a Zoom webinar in collaboration with the NFL Alumni Arizona Chapter and the NFL Alumni Chicago Chapter Former players. Rolf Benirschke (Chargers 1977-86), Ed White (Vikings 1969-77, Chargers 1978-85), and Mike Haynes (Patriots 1976-82, Raiders 1983-89) shared important information about upcoming heart health screenings on Sat, June 25 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown and Sat, July 16 at the Loews Chicago O’Hare.

During this short session, Benirschke, White, and Haynes joined Kyle Richardson of NFL Alumni Health, Dave Blaha of the NFL Alumni Arizona Chapter, and Michael Blair of the NFL Alumni Chicago Chapter to share the following about the upcoming heart health screenings: (1) what to expect, (2) eligibility, and (3) why it’s important to get screened.


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