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Several studies have shown that former NFL players demonstrate higher levels of osteoarthritis, cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative disease, chronic pain, depression and anxiety, and sleep apnea.

There are more than 35,000 clinical trials listed in involving cell therapies. As noted above, several FDA-approved clinical trials are showing promise for conditions common to former NFL players, including degenerative joint conditions such as osteoarthritis, neurological conditions, and COVID-19.

One recent systematic review indicates that there are more than 1,100 registered clinical trials using MSCs (61 percent of which are in Phase 2) to treat a range of conditions, the majority of which are focused on the fields of traumatology, neurology, cardiology, and immunology.  Regenerative medicine and cell therapies are increasingly expected to serve as an alternative or complement to traditional treatments for patients in need.

There are several FDA-approved clinical trials that are available for various conditions, including musculoskeletal conditions and neurological conditions, as well as COVID-19.

Examples of some of the clinical trials that are currently underway include:

Featured Trial

Investigational New Treatment Alternative for Rotator Cuff Injury.

InGeneron Inc. is running a groundbreaking Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear study and is looking to enroll patients with Rotator Cuff injuries. This FDA approved IDE clinical study uses an investigational device to isolate and injects the patient’s own regenerative cells into the rotator cuff tear that may potentially stimulate and regenerate the damaged tendon. The use of regenerative stem cells is investigational and is being compared to a steroid injection control treatment. To participate you must be between the ages of 30 to 75, demonstrate clinical symptoms of a partial-thickness rotator cuff tear and pass a screening visit. Once you pass the screening tests, you will be randomly enrolled in either the treatment or control group.

Benefits to your participation are not guaranteed, but you could potentially see improved function and decreased pain in your injured rotator cuff, which could improve your overall quality of life.  Participation will include study exams, laboratory tests, liposuction, a single injection and shoulder MRIs, at no cost to you. Compensation for your time and travel is provided.

For more information on this trial please visit the link below:

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