The NFL Alumni Health business directory is aimed at profiling various healthcare businesses former players are directly involved in ownership or distribution of products and services. As a member of the NFL Alumni Association, we hope you find this useful and supportive of our fellow alumni efforts.

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There is no-cost to former players. Business will be vetted for healthcare regulations or FDA and NFLA prohibitions.

Devin Clark

Offensive Tackle / 5 Years
Nusyn Life, a Wylabs Company, is a nutritional distribution and marketing company focusing on Functional Foods technology. Master Distributor for organically grown nutritionally rich products from micro greens. Key products include vegetable power brands including BrRad, BrRad PET and BrRad SKIN. US based and seeking strategic partners and distributors domestically and internationally with license and private label opportunities available.
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Dean Dalton

Coach / 6 Years
Pure Sports Recovery California is the first Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited sports treatment program of its kind providing a comprehensive, medically integrated, advanced neuroscience, evidence-based program for addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and head injuries. We offer an integrative, holistic, personalized wellness approach that is focused on brain health and healing.
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Billy Davis

Wide Receiver / 7 Years
Our hormone therapy services are custom designed just for you. We want you to look and feel your very best at home, in the gym and at work! Using state-of-the-art equipment and fully integrated programs, we can incorporate innovative approaches to fighting the effects of aging. Treat yourself to the fountain of youth with the gifts of energy, weight loss, sleep, increased libido, and more. Based on your goals, we can guide you through choosing your customized treatment.
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Brent Jones

Tight End / 11 Years
Signos is the only company that combines a CGM with an AI-driven app to deliver real-time glucose monitoring for optimal health and weight management. Signos translates an individual’s metabolic signals into timely recommendations for eating, exercise, and better health.
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Bart Oates

Center / 10 Years
Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab is a rapidly growing network of best-in-class outpatient physical, occupational, speech, and ABA therapy clinics in the Northeast (CT, DE, NJ, NY, PA, RI), the Midwest (IL, IN, MI, OH), and the Southeast (NC, SC, VA). The Ivy Rehab Network consists of multiple brands dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment to get patients feeling better, faster. With backing from leading middle-market private equity firm Waud Capital Partners, Ivy Rehab will continue to grow and further expand its U.S. footprint.
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Kyle Richardson

Punter / 7 Years
At Neuvana, we believe that enhanced wellness, balance, and rejuvenation is an everyday right (and one that shouldn’t rest at the bottom of your to-do list). That’s why in 2014, seasoned inventor Richard Cartledge, MD gathered a team to investigate and design a way to recreate the beneficial effects of vagus nerve stimulation in a consumer-friendly device. Now, tension relief is as easy as tuning in to your favorite music or performing your daily tasks.
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