Chun-Hung Chan, PhD

Assistant Scientist, Genetics and Genomics Research Group, Sanford Health Research Director, Biobank


Chun-Hung Chan is an Assistant Scientist in the Genetics and Genomics Research Group at Sanford Research Director of the Sanford BioBank. Dr. Chan received his PhD in Developmental Neurobiology from University College London, UK. He completed postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. David A. Pearce at the University of Rochester studying rare childhood neurological diseases. He continued his research in rare diseases after moving to Sanford Research in 2009 with Dr. Pearce.

In 2011, he established the Sanford BioBank, a population-based biorepository to support research as a first step towards integrating genomics with clinical care. Dr. Chan was also instrumental in developing the initial precision medicine program in oncology through his participation and leadership in genomics-based clinical trials, and helped to establish the Sanford Imagenetics initiative that aims to incorporate genetics into primary care. Dr. Chan is also the site PI for the National Cancer Institute’s Connect for Cancer Prevention study, a new national long-term research cohort that seeks to understand the underlying causes of cancer.

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